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A Horticulturist has an important job, he/she must have a high degree of knowledge and ingenuity and of course must be hard working…  Only people who have great knowledge of agriculture, land and seasons is worthy of this name... Who has talent and the ability to experiment while challenging unpredictable climate changes...Who has an enquiring spirit towards nature, plants and their growth… Who can be patient enough to accept the fact that there is a time to plant the seeds and a time to harvest... Who loves the environment and while working is able to preserve its beauty and richness... Who treasures their experience matured in the years, while at the same time is thankful for it. A horticulturist is more of a mental job than physical job: this is what a professional should inspire to.

WHO WE ARE: We're an innovative and dynamic company that specializes in producing a wide selection of ornamental plants for outdoors, cultivated on soil and in vases.
WHERE YOU CAN FIND US: In Pistoia: one of the largest international centres for plant nurseries where the fertility of the land, the balanced weather and the hard working employees offer you a very wide choice and variety.
OUR RANGE: Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Mediterranean Plants, Palm trees, Climbing plants, Shapes and other topiary, Over 130 types of plants in more than 200 varieties.
THE QUALITY: All the experience we have matured from the '50s to today, guides us every day in the best choice of cultivation techniques, always trying to reach the best quality whilst respecting nature.
WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE US: Our professionalism and the enthusiasm of our team, along with the personalization of our service that we offer, which really stands out, are what make us successful with our clients.
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: While we are proud to stay in touch with traditional land cultivation, we are always looking at the changing market. This obviously results in the new products we offer every season.

Soc. Agr. Niccolai Elio e Figli S.S.
Via Vecchia Fiorentina 1° tronco, 665 51039 Quarrata - Pistoia - Italia
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